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Kubota D950 Troubleshooting

Engine Model: Kubota D950
Engine Type: 4-cycle 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine
Total Displacement: 56.6 (0.93 L)
Rated Engine Power: 21.5 Hp (16.0 kW) at 3200 rpm
Aspiration Type: Naturally aspirated


Engine difficult to start or won't start

Clogged fuel filter - Clean the filter element.
Air in the fuel system - Air bleeding.
Fuel injection nozzles fault - Clean or change injection nozzles.
Fuel injection pump damage - Replace injection pump or repair it.

Engine starts and stalls suddenly

Fuel filter plugging - Clean the filter element.
Fuel injection pump is faulty - Replace injection pump or repair it.
Dirty air cleaner - Clean or replace element.

Engine stops suddenly during operation

Improper setting of fuel injection pump timing - Set it up as required.
Fuel filter element clogging - Change the filter element.
Engine has not warmed up to the recommended temperature - Warm up engine as required.

Engine stops when idle

Incorrect low idle setting - Correct low idle settings.
Incorrect valve clearance - Correct valve clearance needs to be set.
Fuel injection pump is damaged - Rebuild or replace pump.

Engine lacks power

Faulty fuel injection nozzles - Service or change injection nozzles.
Clogged fuel hoses or lines - Clean fuel system hoses and lines.
Dirty air filter - Install new air filter element.
Damaged cylinder-head gasket - Replace the gasket as required.

Engine is overheated

Radiator core is dirty or radiator cap is damaged - Clean radiator or install new cap.
Low coolant level - Refill to the correct level and inspect system for leaks.
Damaged or worn fan belt - Change as required.
Engine oil level is low - Fill up the oil to required level.

Oil pressure is low

Oil level is insufficient - Fill the crankcase with oil.
Defective oil pump - Repair or replace.
Plugged engine oil filter - Replace or service engine oil filter.

High oil consumption

Oil leakage: Seals or gaskets are wearing excessively - To repair leaks, replace worn parts.
Incorrect oil viscosity - Use oil of proper viscosity.
Stuck or worn piston rings - Change the piston rings as required.
Worn valve guides and valve stems - Change the valves.
Worn cylinder liners or pistons - Inspect liners and pistons, fit new parts as necessary.

Engine noises or knocks

Engine has not warmed up to the recommended temperature - Warm up the engine.
Low engine oil level - Fill up the oil to required level.
Improper setting of fuel injection pump timing - Adjust as recommended.
Worn or scored pistons - Install new pistons.
Connecting rod misalignment or failure - Alignment procedure or replacement is required.

Starter cranks slowly

Low battery voltage - Low battery charging, charge as required.
Battery is not holding charge - Service battery or replace it.
Disconnected battery cables or bad terminals - Connect wires properly or change terminals.

Starter will not work

Battery is drained or defective - Change or recharge battery.
Battery wires are disconnected or incorrectly connected - Check wires and connect correctly.
Battery voltage is low - Charge the battery.
Starter motor is damaged - Change or repair starter.