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Kubota D782 Troubleshooting

Engine Model: Kubota D782
Engine Type: 4-cycle 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine
Total Displacement: 47.5 (0.78 L)
Rated Engine Power: 18.9 Hp (14.1 kW) at 3800 rpm
Aspiration Type: Naturally aspirated


Diesel engine hard to start or doesn't start

Fuel filter plugged - Change filter element.
Air in the fuel lines - Bleed the fuel lines.
Clogged or burnt injection nozzle - Clean or change injection nozzles.
Faulty fuel injection pump - Change or repair the pump.

Engine starts but then stalls

Fuel filter plugging - Replace filter element.
Fuel injection pump malfunctioning - Rebuild or install a new injection pump.
Intake air restriction - Service or replace the air filter.

Engine shuts off suddenly while running

Fuel injection pump timing is wrong - Set up as recommended.
Fuel filter plugging - Filter maintenance required.
Engine not warmed up - Warm up engine as required.

Engine stops while idling

Low idle speed adjustment is incorrect - Adjust low idle speed.
Improper valve clearance - Adjust valve clearance according to specifications.
Fuel injection pump malfunctioning - Rebuild or install a new injection pump.

Poor engine power

Clogged or defective injection nozzles - Service or change injection nozzles.
Dirt in the fuel lines or hoses - Fuel lines and hoses need to be cleaned.
Air filter is clogged - Clean air cleaner element.
Damaged cylinder-head gasket - Install new cylinder head gasket.

Engine overheating

Clogged radiator fins or damaged radiator cap - Change cap or clean radiator.
Coolant level is low - Add coolant fluid to cooling system and also check it for leaks.
Broken or loose fan belt - Install new fan belt.
Engine oil level low - Check and refill engine oil.

Low oil pressure

Engine oil insufficient - Check and refill the oil.
Oil pump is damaged - Remove and inspect oil pump.
Dirty oil filter element - Change or service engine oil filter.

High engine oil consumption

Oil leaking: Seals or gaskets are wearing excessively - Replace worn parts to avoid leaks.
Wrong oil viscosity - Use proper viscosity oil.
Stuck or defective piston rings - Piston rings need to be replaced.
Valve stems and guides are worn - Need to replace the valves.
Worn cylinder liners or pistons - Inspect liners and pistons, replace as necessary.

Engine knocking or noise

Engine not warmed up - Warm up the engine.
Low engine oil level - Add oil to the engine crankcase.
Improper fuel injection timing - Set up as recommended.
Pistons are broken or worn - Replace the pistons as required.
Connecting rod is not aligned or defective - Need to replace or align the connecting rod.

Starter turns slowly

Low battery power - Battery is drained, charge it.
Battery is not holding charge - Battery needs to be serviced or replaced.
Faulty battery terminals or disconnected cables - Check wire connections and change or service terminals.

Starter does not work

Battery is discharged or defective - Charge or change the battery.
Disconnected or incorrectly connected wires - Inspect battery wires and connect correctly.
Battery voltage is low - Battery is drained, charge it.
Starter motor failure - Starter should be changed.